Fulcrum manufactures all standard pedestal products to the following technical specifications:

Fulcrum can customize packages for your company needs

1.  Flatness And Tilt of Finished And Installed Pedestals Is Held To +/- 1mm Or Less.

2.  Standard Dimensional Tolerances Are Held To +/- 1.5mm With Critical Elements Held To +/- 0.5mm.

3. Bases Can Be Cast With Embedded Equipment Placement Datum Markers To Ensure Accurate Placement Of The Pedestal In The Facility And The Tool On The Pedestal.

4.  Rigging Points And Leveling Jacks Are Provided For Easy Transport, Placement And Leveling.

5.  Continuous I-beam Sub-Frame Construction Allows Popouts In 24” x 24” Structural Waffle Systems To Be Spanned Without Custom Design, Fabrication Or Added Structural Support Elements. This Allows A Standard Pedestal To Be Placed At Any Location In The Facility.

6. Adjustable Seismic Restraints For Flexibility Are Optional.

7. Seismic Anchor Points Are Pre-cast Into The Base To Eliminate Drilling.

8. Steel Edge Protection Cast Into The Base To Prevent Chipping.
Fulcrum can customize packages for your company needs

9. All Concrete Elements Are Completely Encapsulated In Epoxy. Metal Elements Are Either Polyester Powder Coated, Plated Or Fabricated From SS Or T6061 Aluminum.

10. Crating, Packaging, and Shipping Available For International Transport.